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The Association avails a Chartering a Sale and Purchase and an Education Committee
which are very active in their duties by solving disputes arising within the Shipbroking
practice, they are also charged with the Association's documentary duties, together with
our legal advisor.
The Education committee is responsible for the seminars and lectures
in respect of the S.G.C (Shipbroking Gnosis Certificate)
These committees are also in close co-operation with the two State Shipping
Universities of Greece ("Piraeus" and "Aegean") and the Piraeus Shipping Colleges ,
mainly on educational matters and supporting them on practicalities.

Chartering Committee SAAC (Shipping Agreements Advisory Committee)
John Pahoulis - Head
George Leventis
Stavros Tongalidis
Helen Vogli
Nikos Zourdos

Dimitris Poulis - President
George Theologitis - Coordinator
John Soumas
John Pachoulis
Nick Pentheroudakis
Dimitris Spyridakis

Education Commitee S&P Committee

Nicos Pentheroudakis - President
Spyros Kazianis
Dimitris Kittes
John Cotzias
Aggelos Pavlou
John Soumas


Costis Tsalpatouros - Head
Kyriakos Dermatis
Dimitris Koukas
George Makris
Koulis Theodorakakos